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If you are a new cannabis grower one of the first things you will need to do is to find cannabis seeds online. Most new growers do not have access to seeds locally so buying cannabis seeds online will be one of the first steps in your new marijuana growing journey.

Luckily there are lots of great options out there for buying cannabis seeds. A quick search of Google will bring up so many options your head may start to spin. What strains do I need? Where can I buy cannabis seeds that I can trust online? How do I pay for them? These are all great questions to ask yourself the first time you are looking to start buying cannabis seeds for your first marijuana garden!

Buy Cannabis Seeds Online

Best Ways to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online

Finding Cannabis Seeds online doesn’t have to be hard. The first step will be to look for the strains that you would be interested in growing in your new garden. Once you have found the cannabis seeds that you are interested in, read the description so you will know what to expect when growing them. This is a very important step that many new growers forget about. This single step can save you many months of non-stop headaches while growing the seeds. 

You want to know important things like how much they will need to be watered. How much organic fertilizers you will need to add to the soil to get the optimal growth out of the seeds, and ultimately the flowering buds of the plants. Other important information to look at when buying seeds is how long they will take to start flowering. Also are these seeds feminized, autoflowering or just regular cannabis seeds?

Is it legal to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online?

All online cannabis seedbanks sell their seeds as “novelty cannabis seeds” . What this means is that the seedbank is selling seeds as a novelty item. This is completely legal in most countries. There are no legal issues when buying cannabis seeds online in the majority of countries in the world.

How do I know if the Cannabis Seedbank is Legit?

This is one of the toughest things that new growers run into. There are many factors that can be understood when shopping for cannabis seeds. Are their cannabis seeds good, do they have good germination rates? These questions can be answered in a few different ways. 

First, check for other growers growing these cannabis seeds online, how did they do? Did their cannabis plants turn out like they were described by the cannabis seed company? If they did and you can find many people online that grew the seeds out to successful results then that is a good way to know the seeds are good. 

Next check their website, do they provide information on a germination guarantee. If they do not then this should be a red flag right away. If you can’t find anywhere on their site where they are guaranteeing the seed quality this can be an issue. You want to buy cannabis seeds online that you know are backed by the company and if you get a bunch of old cannabis seeds that are not fresh and do not germinate, it’s good to know the company will stand behind what they sell.

Find out where the Seedbank Ships From

This is also an important factor to consider. Does the cannabis seedbank ship from the other side of the planet? If so the seeds will be in transit for a long time, and may be exposed to high heat and low cold. This can affect the germination of the cannabis seeds. If you can look for a cannabis seedbank online that is closer to home. If they do not say where they ship from, you can always contact them and ask where they ship from.

Is Buying Cannabis Seeds Online Safe?

If you are buying cannabis seeds online, and you are in an illegal state or country, it is a good idea not to ship seeds directly to your growing spot. In these cases it is a good idea to have them shipped to a P.O Box or a family member that will not talk about your grow with anyone. This way if they do end up in the wrong hands you can safely know that, wherever they are, this person doesn’t have your address where you grow your cannabis plants.

Types of Cannabis Seeds you can Buy Online

Feminized Cannabis Seeds: These types of cannabis seeds will only grow female cannabis plants. This is good because you will typically not get any male cannabis plants. The male cannabis plants will produce pollen and will create seeds in your female plants. By having no male cannabis plants you can rest assured that there will be no cannabis seeds in your finished cannabis buds. 

Regular Cannabis Seeds:  These cannabis seeds are different from feminized seeds as they will produce both male and female cannabis plants. If the grower does not remove the male plants before they start to produce pollen they will create seeds in the female cannabis plants. If you would like to create seeds to grow more cannabis in the future these are the seeds you would buy for your garden. 

Male Cannabis Plant

CBD Cannabis Seeds: This type of cannabis seed is low in THC and high in CBD. Most gardeners are growing for the buzz that comes with consuming high THC cannabis buds. However some gardeners use CBD cannabis that will not get you high. CBD cannabis is used by many medical growers and it has many medical properties that are beneficial to humans. Seedbanks will list these seeds as CBD seeds. 

THC Cannabis Seeds: THC cannabis seeds are higher in THC with which is what gets the grower the high feeling in cannabis. The seedbank will list the approximate amount of THC you can expect when you grow your cannabis plants. The grower should always keep in mind that this is an approximate amount that will be in the cannabis buds. Cannabis when grown from seeds will have different amounts even from the same seed batch. One plant can have 5% THC while the next one can have 30% THC.

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds: All the cannabis seeds above need a vegetative growth stage and a flowering growth stage. This means that the plant will need at least 16 hours of light to grow, and then when the grower wishes to start flowering (budding) the plant they will need to switch the lighting for the plant to 12 hours on and 12 hours off. This will trigger the plant to produce buds. 

Autoflowering Cannabis does not need to have 12 hours of lighting to start flowering the plant. When you buy these cannabis seeds online, they will finish growing and flowering automatically after 3 months. This means you can buy these seeds and keep them under 24 hours of light and they will still flower.

The seedbank will list these types of seeds as such.

When you Buy Cannabis Seeds Online do we recommend a Seedbank?

Green Avenger Seeds Logo
Green Avenger Seeds Logo

There are many great seedbanks out there and some that are not so great.  One marijuana seedbank that we highly recommend is Green Avenger Seeds. This seed company has been in business for many years now and their seed breeder is well known for creating awesome cannabis strains. 

Green Avenger Seeds carry feminized and regular cannabis seeds. You can expect fast shipping and a quality germination guarantee that they will stand behind for their valued customers. They always include lots of free seeds for their customers and we love that about them. They accept both Credit Cards, e-Transfers, and crypto payments. 

This Seedbank has many popular cannabis strains like, Canadian Sunshine, Purple Punch, Pineapple Express, Pineapple Cookies, Pine Tree Haze just to name a few of their great cannabis strains. 

They will also ship bulk cannabis seeds for dispensaries, vape shops, grow shops and offer amazing discounts for buying wholesale seed orders online.  

We suggest that you buy cannabis seeds online from Green Avenger Seed Company. We know they will keep you a very happy customer and you can visit them at their online shipping website.

What are “Unstable Genetics” when Buying Cannabis Seeds online?

Growers must be careful when buying cannabis seeds online to buy seeds from a reputable breeder. If you do not do this you may end up with many poor flowering cannabis plants. Some sellers will grow a female and male plant one time, pollinate the female making seeds and sell them to unsuspecting customers that don’t know. These types of seeds will typically have very poor growing results overall. Good breeders will grow many generations of cannabis and pick the best ones for the next generation of growth. They will grow their plants looking for favorable traits that customers are looking for in their own gardens. 

Growers that just “make seeds” to sell and make a profit are referred to as “pollen chuckers” as they do not work on creating good quality cannabis strains for their customers.

How Much Should You Pay When Buying Cannabis Seeds online?

How much the grower will pay online for their seeds depends on a few different things. Many times you will pay more for seeds that are more stable, or produce dependable results for growth, THC, CBD, and flowering times. These seeds cost more because the breeder typically took many years to create a stable strain. 

Growers will also pay more for a certain type of seed. Normally feminized and autoflowering seeds will tend to cost more than regular cannabis seeds because they require more work to grow and breed. The cost of quality seeds are starting to come down however as more breeders come into the market. Many years ago it was not uncommon for growers to pay hundreds of dollars for good cannabis seeds. Now you can get quality seeds for as low as $5 per seed. Growers can expect to pay more for feminized and autoflowering cannabis seeds.

Trading or Asking for Cannabis Seeds

Depending on the legality of cannabis in your country or state, province you may be able to just ask for cannabis seeds. There are some nice growers out there happy to share their seeds with other growers. Just remember these seeds will not be the quality of good breeder seeds. If you are just looking to learn how to grow for the first time, this is a good option for some new growers. Make a couple of test grows with these seeds before investing with a seedbank for better quality cannabis seeds online. 

Become a Test Grower for a Seedbank

Another option is to become a test grower for an online seedbank. Many breeders out there are looking for people to grow their less stable cannabis strains. This will take some work to contact them as for tester seeds, some breeders may already have enough testers so all you can do is ask. This will become easier as you grow and document and gain trust as a test grower. Most breeders will want to see other test grows you have completed as they do not give away seeds for free and are expecting you to grow and give results to the breeder. 

Remember your testing is the payment for the breeders work and seeds.


We hope this article can help you buy quality cannabis seeds safely online. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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