What To Do When Your Cannabis Seeds Don’t Germinate?

Cannabis Seeds Don't Germinate

Imagine your excitement as you prepare your growth medium, gently place your cannabis seeds, and anticipate the thriving green shoots. But, what if they refuse to pop out and say hello? Don’t panic! Here, we will explore solutions to the distressing question, what should you do when your cannabis seeds don’t germinate?

Understanding Germination

Young Cannabis Seedling

First, let’s get a good grasp on the germination process.

Now that we know the basics, what if your cannabis seeds are not germinating?

1. Check The Seeds

Before you jump to conclusions, inspect your seeds thoroughly.

  • Are they dark and firm to touch?
  • Are they relatively round and without cracks?
  • Quality seeds are vital for successful germination.

2. The Age Factor

Remember, seeds don’t last forever.

3. Moisture Levels Matter

Your seeds need a perfect balance of moisture.

  • Seeds that are too dry will not germinate.
  • Likewise, overwatering can cause them to rot.

4. Correct Temperature

The right temperature is key for germination.

  • Keep the temperature around 20-22 degrees Celsius.
  • Cold can slow down the process, while excessive heat can damage the seeds.

5. The Right pH Level

Your seeds will flourish in the correct pH environment.

6. Try Different Germination Techniques

The traditional method doesn’t always work for all seeds.

  • Try the paper towel method or soaking seeds in water.
  • Some growers prefer using starter cubes or jiffy pellets.

7. Light Exposure

Seeds should be protected from light during the germination process.

  • Too much light can dry out and damage your seeds.
  • Keep them in a dark place until they start sprouting.

8. Patience Is A Virtue

Sometimes, all your seeds need is a little more time.

  • Don’t rush to discard your seeds if they don’t sprout within a few days.
  • Patience can lead to surprising outcomes.

What is the longest time for a cannabis seed to germinate?

Older Cannabis Plants
  1. What is the longest time for a cannabis seed to germinate? Generally, if seeds haven’t sprouted after 10 days, it’s unlikely that they will. However, there are rare cases where seeds may take up to two weeks.
  2. How can I increase the germination rate of my cannabis seeds? Ensure the use of quality seeds, maintain ideal moisture and temperature conditions, and choose an effective germination method.
  3. Can I germinate cannabis seeds in water? Yes, soaking cannabis seeds in water for 24-48 hours can help speed up germination.
  4. What is the optimal temperature for cannabis seed germination? The ideal temperature for cannabis seeds to germinate is around 20-22 degrees Celsius.
  5. Do cannabis seeds need light to germinate? No, cannabis seeds prefer to be in the dark while germinating.

How do you revive dead cannabis seeds?

Reviving “dead” seeds can be quite challenging, as not all seeds are viable after they’ve reached a certain stage of dormancy or have been stored improperly. However, here are some strategies that you could try:

1. Water Soak

A good soak in water can often help to wake up dormant seeds.

  • Place the seeds in a bowl of warm water (not hot).
  • Leave them to soak for up to 24 hours.
  • This can help to break down the seed’s outer coating and promote germination.

2. The Scarification Method

If the seed has a hard outer shell, scarification might help.

  • Gently nick the casing of the seed with a knife, or rub it with sandpaper.
  • This process can help water and gases to enter and trigger germination.

3. Use A Germination Mat

A germination mat can provide a steady temperature to help stimulate seed germination.

  • Set your mat to the ideal temperature for your specific type of seed.
  • Place your seeds on the mat.
  • The consistent warmth can help to revive dormant seeds.

4. Provide The Right Environment

Young Cannabis Seedling Close Up

Seeds need the right conditions to sprout.

  • Make sure they have the right balance of light and dark.
  • Keep the humidity high and the temperature steady.

5. Patience

Some seeds take longer to germinate than others.

  • Don’t be too quick to throw your seeds away.
  • Sometimes, all they need is a bit more time.


Don’t be disheartened if your cannabis seeds don’t germinate immediately. Remember, growing cannabis, like any other plant, requires patience, attention, and care. Experiment with different techniques, monitor your conditions, and remember – you’re nurturing a life!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why are my cannabis seeds not germinating? Several factors could be at play – from the quality and age of the seeds, moisture and temperature conditions, to the chosen germination method.
  2. How long should I wait for my cannabis seeds to germinate? Typically, cannabis seeds germinate within 24-72 hours. However, older seeds might take longer, so give them up to a week.
  3. Can I still use old cannabis seeds? Yes, but their germination rate decreases over time. Also, they might require a little more care and time.

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