Our Guide for Shipping Regular Cannabis Seeds

Shipping Regular Cannabis Seeds

Hey! Have you ever wanted to ship cannabis seeds to your friends, maybe you would like to ship cannabis seeds so you can trade them with other cannabis growers? Maybe you would like to but you have no idea how to go about it or if you even can do it. This guide will walk you though the best practices when shipping cannabis seeds. We will teach you, when you can ship safely, how to make sure your seeds arrive in good condition, and how much it may cost to ship your regular cannabis seeds.

Why Do Growers Ship Cannabis Seeds in the Mail?

There can be many reasons why a grower may want to start shipping regular cannabis seeds though the mail to someone that would like to buy their cannabis seeds. The growers may have worked out a trade with another grower and would like to get some of their seeds in the mail. They may want to share their seeds with other growers because they would like to see how they grow in someone else’s cannabis garden. Maybe they would like to mail seeds to a friend to do a good deed. 

Whatever the reason that the grower would like to ship their seeds, they are going to need to know what to do, and how to ship them.

Where can you Ship Cannabis Seeds in 2023?

Currently you can ship cannabis seeds in Canada, The United States of America, Europe, UK and Australia. However if you are shipping seeds over country borders they can be seized by the border patrols in these countries. We recommend that you do not ship seeds over country borders, with proper paperwork in place to do so. Some countries such as Canada even offer smell proof packages to ship seeds and cannabis products.

Making Sure Your Seeds Germinate Before Shipping

Before you ship any seeds to anyone we advise that you test them and make sure that they will germinate before you send them out on their way. This is a great article here that we recommend that you read about germinating cannabis seeds. This way if the person that you sent your seeds to has any issues you know that they were germinated before they were shipped to anyone. 

Take a few seeds and use the float or sink method here and make sure that the seeds sprout before you ship them to anyone. Make sure the seeds that you test are from the same batch of seeds that you will be shipping out to others.

Packaging for Shipping Regular Cannabis Seeds

Once you know your seeds will germinate, it is time to start packaging the cannabis seeds for shipping. This is one of the most important things that you will do before handing off your packaged regular cannabis seeds to your local post office location. 

When you package your seeds for shipping you will want to place them in something hard to keep them from getting crushed in the mail. Post office sorting machines can be exceptionally hard on mail, once the seeds are in that machine they will be mashed and pushed through for sorting. 

We recommend that you use a hard plastic case that is small enough to find in your letter mail, while at the same time sturdy enough to keep from being crushed. The flatter the plastic holder is the better for your seeds. The seeds holder will also have to be big enough to hole all the seeds that you would like to send in the mail. Or you can use more than one when shipping. 

Place the seeds in the plastic holder and add some cotton to the top or bottom to help keep the seeds from bouncing around, and moving. The seeds will be tossed around very much in the mail system. This can cause them to crack or break, this will ruin the seeds before they even arrive at their destination.

Labeling Your Seed for Shipping

Another important part of shipping cannabis seeds will be to make sure they are all properly labeled with the seeds cultivar (Strain) information on each package of seed. Shipping regular cannabis seeds works best when the person you are shipping them to, knows what each package of seeds are. We suggest placing the seeds in a plastic sandwich bag, then using a permanent marker to neatly write the strain on the baggy so it will not rub off in shipping.

Shipping Your Seeds

Now it’s time to add the packaged seeds into the mailer. Make sure to write the address of the person that will be receiving the cannabis seeds in the mail correctly. This will be much easier to do if the mailing envelope is empty. We suggest that you use a bubble mailer to ship the seeds as this will give them some extra needed protection going through the mail system. Try to place the seed packs in the mail as flat as you can. Make sure that you have all the seeds in the package before you seal it shut.

Type of Shipping Options You can Use to Ship Seeds

When shipping seeds you are able to use the same options for shipping as any other normal parcel. Depending on how well you know the person that will be receiving the shipped seeds you may want to buy tracking with your seeds. This is a guarantee that the person will get their seeds if the tracking states that they did.

When Shipping Seeds beware of Scammers

This is normally something you will not have to worry about if you know the person you are shipping the seeds to. However if you are trading cannabis seeds or buying them from someone that is unknown to you they may want to take your money or seeds and provide you with nothing in return. If this happens it is a good idea to let other growers and people know so they do not get sucked into the same scams. Normally this is only a very small fraction of people out there. So if you are trading remember to only do a very small trade at first till you know if the person is trustworthy. 

Final Thoughts

Shipping seeds, and sharing seeds can be a lot of fun and very rewarding. Just remember that you may not get the same quality of seeds that you would when buying cannabis seeds though a reputable seed company. As long as you understand this then you should have no issues sending cannabis seeds though the mailing system. 

If you are looking for fresh and quality cannabis seeds that come with a germination guarantee we recommend you use this button to shop for a great selection of cannabis strains!

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