Five Things that Can Ruin Cannabis Seeds

Ruin Cannabis Seeds

After paying money for your cannabis seeds you will want to keep them safe and sound and not let anything happen to them. In this article we will teach growers how not to kill their cannabis seeds once you have purchased them.

Cannabis Seeds were not complete dried when harvested

When growers or breeders harvest their cannabis seeds it is very important that the seeds are dried completely before they are put into storage. If the seeds are still damp, the seeds will grow mold and fungus on them and it will ruin cannabis seeds. This will kill the seed if not planted right away and placed in storage it will be attacked and the seeds will end up rotting in storage.

Cannabis Seeds were subject to Extreme Heat or Cold

When cannabis seeds are being shipped overseas they can spend time in baggage, on the mail trucks, and even in the mailbox. When shipping seeds they can have a rough time before they end up in the growers hands for planting. If the seed was sitting somewhere in the summer in a mail storage or baggage the temperatures can get very hot. Some of these places can get over 50C in the hot sun, even inside a mailbox in the summertime. 

The same can be said for shipping seeds in the winter, sitting indoors in the extreme cold can kill your seeds.

Good Cannabis Seeds

Poor Long Term Storage of Cannabis Seeds

It is important to keep your seeds stored well after harvesting and drying them. If seeds are not stored correctly this will not last as long as you may want them to. When storing seeds they will need to be kept cool, dry and safe from getting damaged. Well stored seeds can last for years before they stop germinating completely.

How to Store Your Cannabis Seeds Well?

Once you receive your seeds you will need a small airtight storage container to keep the seeds in. Take some dry rice and place it in the microwave for a couple of minutes. Remove the rice and add a few rice grains to the container with your seeds. Then seal the container well so no air or moisture can get into the container. Next store the container in the fridge or freezer. This will keep your seeds good for a full two years. 

Learn more here about starting and storing your cannabis seeds.

Planting the Seeds in Very Wet Soils

Never plant your seeds in very wet soils, when planting you want your soil to be arid with lots of air flow. You will never want it to be soggy, in sitting water when starting your seeds. If the soil is extra wet it is best to squeeze it out before planting any seeds in it. Then when you water the seeds, only use a spray bottle to gently spray water on the top of the soil  to keep it moist not wet. If the soil is overly wet fungus will attack and ruin cannabis seeds and they will never germinate.

Small Cracks or Holds in the Cannabis Seeds

Sometimes in shipping cannabis seeds can get damaged depending on how they were shipped, more seed breeders or companies take care to ship the seeds securely to the grower. However they can still get minor damage that will ruin cannabis seeds before they will grow. The seed once it has a hole or a crack will dry out inside where the important parts of the seed are. It will dry out and the inside of the seed will never be able to absorb water into the seed and grow out a tap root.

How to Find out if your Seeds are good Before Planting Method

If you are interested in reading about how to find out if the seeds you have are going to germinate before you plant them, this is a great article about using the Sink or Float method of checking your seeds. You can read this article here.

Where Can I Find Good Cannabis Seeds?

There are many places to buy cannabis seeds from, we have one place that we really like and suggest to all our readers! This seedbank has great customer services, great selection of strains and a germination guarantee, that your seeds will grow as advertised. 

If you are looking for great seeds and exceptional value when buying cannabis seeds we suggest you check out Green Avenger Seeds Company!

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