Our Guide to Finding Regular Cannabis Seeds

Find Regular Cannabis Seeds

If you are looking to find regular cannabis seeds this guide is from you we will help you find the best regular cannabis seeds no matter where you are in the world. We will help you find the best quality cannabis seeds for the best prices anywhere in Canada, the United States or the UK. Also we will post any discounts that we can find to help you save a little extra on your next cannabis seed purchase.

What does Regular Cannabis Seeds Mean?

Regular cannabis seeds are seeds that will grow into both male and female cannabis plants. They will need to be sexed before the grower starts to flower them out. Regular cannabis seeds are great if you would like to try growing our own cannabis seeds.

Regular Cannabis Seeds

Are Regular Cannabis Seeds Better Than Feminized?

This really depends on what you will be doing with your seeds, if you are looking for seeds to create your own breeding line of seeds then regular cannabis seeds will work really well for this. If you would like to grow a seedless cannabis crop then we recommend buying feminized cannabis seeds that will not include any male cannabis plants. 

However one is really not any better than the other per say. Things like potency, smell of the plant, flowering times, really come down to the genetics of the cannabis plant, you can read more about cannabis plant genetics here. So feminized cannabis seeds are really not better or worse than regular cannabis seeds. 

Both regular and feminized cannabis seeds can produce excellent cannabis buds, so there is one that isn’t better than the other.

Why Grow Regular Cannabis Seeds?

When growers are just starting out, it can take a bit longer to learn how to reverse cannabis plants to produce seeds. Something of note is that when reversing cannabis plants the reversed plant does not create as much pollen overall as a regular male cannabis plant. 

Growing regular cannabis seeds is more in tune with nature while is always a good thing when it comes to growing cannabis. Feminized cannabis seeds are made to go against nature. They are also more in tune for growers to use for breeding quality cannabis. 

When breeding using regular cannabis seeds, growers can also keep a male that will not flower so they can clone their male plant and use it over and over again in breeding without having to reverse it over and over, to create pollen for breeding work.

What are the Downside of Feminized Seeds vs Regular Cannabis Seeds

Sometimes when breeders use feminized cannabis plants that have been reversed, it can cause issues with stale genetics. The plant is working hard to reproduce as they do in nature. This can sometimes cause feminized cannabis plants to become hermaphrodites

This happens when the feminized cannabis plant tries to reproduce and ends up with female and male cannabis flowers on the same plant. This will also produce female seeds on the same plant, but all the seeds that have been produced will also most likely become hermaphrodites as well. This can ruin your cannabis crop and breeding work. 

Because regular seeds with a male and female emulate closer to nature this is normally much less of a factor when using these types of seeds. Once the male plants have been removed from the growing space it is far less likely that the plants will become hermaphrodites in the growing space.

Are Feminized Seeds Less Potent Than Regular Cannabis Seeds?

Once again this comes down to cannabis plant genetics rather than seed types. Either can be more or less potent depending on the strain. Growers can end up with more potent cannabis plants using either of these seed types. You will have to grow them out and test them to judge the level of potency in the seed crop.

How Long Can Regular Cannabis Seeds Last?

Regular cannabis seeds will last just as long as any other type of cannabis seeds, whether it be regular, feminized, autoflowering, or hemp seeds. They will all last the same amount and this comes down to how they are stored and looked after. Most seeds can have excellent viability for years if they are stored properly.

What are Autoflowering Regular Cannabis Seeds?

These types of seeds will be Autoflowering cannabis seeds and will flower in about 1 month after germination regardless of lighting. These are different from Photoperiod regular cannabis seeds as they will flower even under 24 hours of lighting. Unlike photoperiod types of regular cannabis seeds that will require 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness to start their flowering cycles.

Find the Best Regular Cannabis Seeds

These are the Best Regular Cannabis Seeds that we have grown and enjoy. 

  • AK-47 – Serious Seeds: Has big potency and grows really well for many growers. One of the most powerful strains you can buy. 
  • H-Bomb – Green Avenger Seeds: Another very powerful cannabis plant that you can grow. Grows much like AK-47 with a bit faster flowering time. Comparable to AK-47 in potency. 
  • Granddaddy Purple – ILGM: Very potent Indica Cannabis Strain, grows a very nice shade of purple and works great for medical use. 
  • Purple Punch – Green Avenger Seeds: Sweet smelling cannabis plant, also amazing taste and potency. Another great Indica for medical and recreational usage.  
  • Gelato – Rocket Seeds: Great strain that is a little harder to grow, one of the best smelling plants you can grow. 
  • OrangeTheory – Green Avenger Seeds: Nice potent Orange, Citrus smelling plant. This plant grows very dense big buds and the orange smell is very prominent in the plants during and after harvesting. 

Our Favorite over all is Purple Punch from Green Avenger Seeds

This strain has been grown by many growers that have loved it, they have nothing but good things to say about this strain! They love the smell and taste of this amazing plant. As do we, it is easy to grow and will pretty much take care of itself. It is that easy to grow. It also looks great in flowering with a sweet punch-like smell. Some will also turn purple. The potency of this plant is also something not to be taken lightly. It is one of the most potent plants we have ever smoked!

Check out this amazing strain Purple Punch now at Green Avenger Seed Company!

Best Place to Buy Cannabis Seeds

There are some great places where you can buy regular cannabis seeds like Green Avenger Seeds, Seedman, The Attitude Seedbank, ILGM, Ethos Seedbank, Dr. GreenThumbs Seeds. These are all great regular cannabis seed banks. 

However our favorite overall for buying cannabis seeds is Green Avenger Seeds. They are an amazing cannabis seedbank to deal with. They have the best seed prices on the internet, and the quality of seeds is just as good as any other seedbank out there for a quarter of the price of their seeds. 

You can get feminized seeds for as low as $4.00 per seed, you can’t beat that price anywhere! They have a nice selection of top shelf cannabis strains, for every type of grower out there, and have great feedback for all their strains on many social media platforms. You can expect to get your seeds quickly with great ordering communication. You can check out their social media profiles for more information at Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Why We Like Growing Regular Cannabis Seeds

One great thing about growing with regular seeds is how easy they are to find online for the strain that you would like to grow. Many growers are willing to give away their regular seeds to new cannabis growers to help them get started. This is a great way to learn how to grow when you are a beginner cannabis farmer. You will only have to figure out which plants are female and male, you can read a great article here at Green Avenger Seeds blog to learn how to do this so you don’t have any male if you don’t want them.

Regular Cannabis Seeds Discount Code

Looking for a little extra off your cannabis seeds use code “VIP” here without the quote to save 15% off your entire order! Use the bottom below to start shopping!

Final Thoughts

Whether you are looking for feminized or regular cannabis seeds you can find lots of great strains online in both these types of cannabis seeds. Be sure to check the seeds description, to make sure you get the type seeds that you would like to grow in your marijuana garden.

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