Best Regular Cannabis Seeds USA

Regular Cannabis Seeds USA

Are you a customer that is looking for reasonably priced cannabis seeds in the USA? This guide will help you find the best regular cannabis seeds in the USA. If you are looking for a guide for Best Regular Cannabis Seeds Canada you can find that guide here

Our guide will review the best strains, seedbanks and breeders for the United States. We love growing cannabis and helping others to find great cannabis seed strains to grow in their garden and not end up with poor seed genetics in their gardens. With more and more US states legalizing cannabis it is easier than ever to find good seeds however some companies are far more over priced than others. The goal of this guide will be to help you find quality seeds without paying way too much. 

How to Find the Best Regular Cannabis Seeds USA?

There are so many seed shops out there these days. How do you know which ones to buy seeds from and which ones to pass on? Can you trust their reviews, their sales messaging? Well this is a tough one to answer and you remember what they say about using your intuition if something seems off then it might be best to keep looking, and if all else fails then maybe give that seedbank a try without spending too much money right away.

How to find out more information on the Seedbank?

Thanks to the internet there are multiple ways to find more information on seedbanks in the United States. If you’re a new cannabis grower you can search the internet to find good seedbanks that will ship you your cannabis strains though online mail. However even these days when shipping regular cannabis seeds USA you need to beware of online scammers.

Checking Different Review Sites about Seedbanks

It is always a good idea to check review sites when buying anything online. You should be looking for sites that have real user reviews. There are many websites these days that will take money from the poor or fake seedbank to give them good reviews, put them in the “best seedbanks of 2023” lists, or take money to post links around the internet claiming the regular cannabis seedbank is “the next big thing”.

What Scams do Fakes Seedbank run in the USA?

Sadly there are many “cannabis seeds scammers” out there that will take your money. Some will take your money and send you nothing in return. Others will take your money and send you seeds that are of very poor genetic quality. If you are interested in learning more about cannabis plant, and seed genetics we recommend you read this article.

Getting poor seed genetics in the mail for your money is really no different than receiving nothing at all in the mail. In fact for the grower it can end up becoming even worse. 

You might be wondering how poor seed genetics for your money could be even worse than receiving nothing for your money. When growers purchase poor cannabis seed genetics in the United States, most don’t factor in the money that it costs to ship the seeds, energy cost to grow them, and then having to destroy them once they are weeks into the flowering stage. The grower may not even know the cannabis seeds were of poor quality until they are harvested and smoked. 

These costs can add up to be even more expensive then if you never received the seeds in the mail in the first place. 

Buying Regular Cannabis Seeds USA from Facebook or Instagram

Buying regular cannabis seeds from any social media website is a big risk in 2023, there are many scammers out there that will take your money and send nothing in return for your work. If they do not have a website to sell their seeds this is a major red flag when it comes to buying seeds from them or online. 

Any good seed sales website will not sell directly through Facebook or any other social media website. I mean if they are too cheap these days to pay a few bucks to lock down a cannabis seeds sales domain and website how good could their seeds be, even if they even send them in the first place?

Finding Growers that have Already Grown The Seedbanks, Cannabis Seeds

If you are unable to find any review about regular cannabis seeds USA, your next steps could be to see if you can find anyone that has grown the cannabis before and had good results from the company. Any good cannabis seed company in the USA should have a few customers that have grown their seeds. Or if they are a start up, at least a few test growers, that can provide the results of their genetics from that cannabis seed company. 

If you ask the company and they are unable to provide at least some test growers, or customers that have grown their regular cannabis seeds to a positive result then this should also be another red flag.

Does the Seedbank or the Breeder have Picture of the Actually Plants

Any decent breeder is going to test the seeds before they sell them to you or anyone else. If the seedbank is not doing this then they have no idea what they are selling to customers. Just because they throw a couple of male and female cannabis plants together and get seeds doesn’t mean you should have to pay for them and grow them. 

If someone is taking a picture of a handful of seeds, they could be seeds from two unknown plants. The plants could have been their summer cannabis crop, and an unknown male pollinated the plant creating seeds. Now this person wants to recoup some costs, so they sell their seeds to some poor unsuspecting new cannabis grower. Then use your money to buy some good seedless cannabis at the dispensary. 

Any Good Seed Breeder will have Testing Pictures

If the seedbank or breeder does provide you with pictures be careful that they haven’t just lifted them from another good seed company or breeder. We have seen this happen even on well known cannabis seedbank websites.

This happens more than more growers know, especially if you find cannabis seeds on a social media website.

What are our Favorite Cannabis Seeds for the USA?

These are our favorite regular cannabis seeds USA for any new cannabis cultivation customers. If you are shopping for cannabis seeds please check out these links below. We have personally grown and verified that these are great strains for new cannabis growers. We have chosen these seeds as they are easy to grow, potent, and have amazing cannabis buds to get growers started on the right root.

What are the most common cannabis seeds?

Cannabis seeds can be categorized into three main types: regular, feminized, and autoflowering. The most common cannabis seeds are typically strains within these categories that are popular among growers for their specific characteristics, such as high yields, potent effects, or unique flavors. Some popular strains include:

  1. White Widow: A well-known hybrid strain with a balanced mix of sativa and indica, White Widow is famous for its high resin production and potent effects.
  2. Blue Dream: A sativa-dominant hybrid, Blue Dream is popular for its sweet berry aroma, balanced effects, and high yields.
  3. Girl Scout Cookies (GSC): A potent hybrid, GSC is a cross between OG Kush and Durban Poison, known for its heavy-hitting effects and unique flavor profile.
  4. Gorilla Glue #4 (GG4): A powerful hybrid strain, GG4 is known for its high THC levels, pungent aroma, and strong, relaxing effects.
  5. Sour Diesel: A fast-acting sativa-dominant strain, Sour Diesel is loved for its energizing and uplifting effects, as well as its pungent, diesel-like aroma.
  6. OG Kush: A classic strain, OG Kush is a popular indica-dominant hybrid with strong effects, a complex flavor profile, and a distinctive aroma.
  7. Northern Lights: An iconic indica strain, Northern Lights is known for its relaxing effects, high yields, and resilience in various growing conditions.
  8. Jack Herer: A sativa-dominant strain named after the cannabis activist, Jack Herer is popular for its uplifting and creative effects, as well as its high resin production.
  9. Pineapple Express: A hybrid strain that combines the genetics of Trainwreck and Hawaiian, Pineapple Express is known for its tropical fruity aroma and energizing effects.
  10. AK-47: A sativa-dominant hybrid, AK-47 is popular for its balanced effects, high yields, and easy growth, making it an appealing choice for both novice and experienced growers.

Keep in mind that the popularity of strains can change over time, and new strains are continually being developed. Always research and select strains that are best suited for your specific needs and growing conditions.

What are normal cannabis seeds?

Normal cannabis seeds, also known as regular cannabis seeds, are seeds that have not been genetically modified or chemically treated in any way. They produce both male and female plants, with a roughly 50:50 chance of obtaining either sex. Regular cannabis seeds are the result of natural pollination between male and female cannabis plants.

Regular cannabis seeds are often preferred by breeders and experienced growers who want to produce their own strains, as they provide more genetic diversity and the opportunity to select specific traits from both male and female plants. Regular seeds are also less expensive compared to feminized or autoflowering seeds.

However, for growers who are primarily interested in producing buds for consumption, regular seeds can be less convenient, as male plants do not produce consumable buds and must be identified and removed from the grow space to prevent pollination of female plants. Pollination can result in seeds in the buds, reducing the overall quality and potency of the final product.

To summarize, normal or regular cannabis seeds are natural, unmodified seeds that produce both male and female cannabis plants, offering a wider genetic diversity for breeding purposes, but requiring more attention during the growing process to ensure a high-quality harvest.

These are our recommended strains:

Banana Dream
Cherry Bomb
Grape Punch

Cherry Bomb: These seed are very easy to grow for new growers. These seeds have a very unique terpene profile that will grow very well indoors. They are fast to flower, taking only about 8 weeks to finish before harvesting. They are feminized seeds, and are very reasonably priced for these fantastic cannabis seeds. 

Banana Dream: Another very flavorful cannabis seeds strain for United States customers this strain will grow into large colas with beautiful cannabis buds. They have a nice banana smell and flavor that you will love to smell a few weeks before harvest. They are very fast growing and will finish flowering in approximately 9 weeks of flowering cycle.

Flavor Pack: This is an awesome pack of 15 feminized cannabis seeds for only $45 dollars. How can you beat that! This pack has Banana Dream, Grape Punch and OrangeTheory all awesome cannabis plants with terpenes that will smell so beautiful to grow and harvest. If you are looking to try a few different strains for an amazing price we recommend you check this deal out now! 

Cannabis Seeds USA Coupon Code

If you are still not convinced to use one of the great cannabis seeds links above how about using CODE: VIP to save another 15% on your entire order! Yes that’s right, this Cannabis Seeds USA discount code to save even more money off your cannabis seeds order.

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