Tips for Growing Indica Cannabis Seeds

Indica Cannabis Seeds Growing Tips

Are you looking to grow indica cannabis seeds in 2023? If you are, we are writing this guide for you. This guide will help you pick your best indica cannabis seeds, review some of the best indica cannabis strains on the market today. We will also explain some of the key differences in indica cannabis plants when compared to sativa cannabis. 

What is Indica Cannabis?

Indica cannabis plants come from the mountainous regions in the Middle East. They have grown and adapted to this climate over thousands of years. Indica plants are known for their very large leaves and growing much shorter than other comparable species of cannabis. Their buds are known to produce a “body high” this means that the flowers of the plant when used will make one feel “heavy” and very relaxed. Indica cannabis seed strains also tend to produce a larger harvest when compared with Sativa cannabis seed strains. 

Is Indica Easier to grow?

In certain cases yes, this type of cannabis is somewhat easier to grow depending on how you are going to grow the plants. Indica cannabis is a short and stocky plant when compared to sativa tall and christmas tree like growing structures. This makes them a bit easier to grow indoors, as you can control the height of the plant and keep it from growing up into the lights. Indica cannabis seeds are also more accustomed to growing in colder climates due to coming from more mountain regions of the planet. So if you are growing outdoors in colder climates there are some benefits to growing Indica Cannabis Seeds

Where does indica grow best?

Due to the climate the indica evolved in, it actually grows best in more northern climates of the world. This makes it a great plant to grow if you live in a more northerly climate. Indica cannabis will flower in 7 to 8 weeks making it a great choice for growers with a shorter spring and fall. They do grow very dense short plants with even denser buds, so this does make them more susceptible to bud rot and mold issues where there is more rain and humidity. 

Growing Indica Cannabis Seeds

Indica cannabis seeds are easy to grow to a great harvest, we recommend starting indica cannabis strains indoors, and either moving them outdoors after they are a few weeks old or growing them indoors. Pure indica cannabis strains don’t grow quite as well as sativa cannabis when growing in a greenhouse environment. This is due to the plant not performing quite as well in humid environments. 

Where can I buy Indica Cannabis Seeds?

We recommend a few great strains that we have grown over the years that are indica cannabis. Listed below are our favorite indica cannabis seeds due to their ease of growth, and being beginner grower friendly. 

Canadian Sunshine – A great mostly indica cannabis strain that will grow well indoors and outdoors due to its mostly indica cannabis genetics

Vegetative Stage of Cannabis Indica Growth

As cannabis indica grows much shorter plants, so growers will find that it is easier to keep from growing into their lights. It will grow with short internodal growth (space between each set of leaves and branches). This will keep the plant short and stocky, when it is provided with enough lighting. Unlike growing sativa cannabis there may be less of a need to trim or prune your plant before starting them in their flowering cycle of growth. 

If growers would like to prune or train their indica plants, this is best completed a few weeks before starting the plant flowering. The reason for this is that the plant will already be very dense and short and you will want some space between each set of buds to allow for good air flow and prevent mold from taking over the dense buds. Make sure your plant is provided throughout this stage of growth with a good supply of nitrogen. 

Flowering Stage of Cannabis Indica Growth

Indica cannabis strains can flower quite quickly compared to other types of cannabis. The plant will require potassium in greater qualities once you have started the flowering process for the plant.  If you trained your cannabis plant for better yields this will help you grow larger buds and give them more access to your growing lights in flowering. 

Because the buds are so dense it is a very good idea to continue checking them each and everyday for bud rot or mold. This can get inside the buds before you even notice, once you see it on your plants, it could already be too late and you may end up losing your cannabis plant. Take a very close inspection of the buds, checking for any dark brown or rotten spots in the buds themselves. If you see any signs of bud rot make sure to remove it right away and get it out of the grow space. Mold will spread spores so once it is removed be careful not to get the spores on any other parts of the plant or other plants in the space. If you are able, place the part of the plant you are removing into a plastic bag with cutting in the bag. This will really help cut down on the spread of the mold spores (seeds of the mold) in the air.

Cannabis Indica Seeds Outdoors 

Indicas strains make great outdoor plants, they are short which will help growers who need to keep them hidden from thieves. They will still grow well outdoors as well in southern climates as well.  One of the best reasons to grow them outdoors is that they will typically finish flowering before the frost hits, and can withstand light frosts in the fall. 

Should you top an indica plant?

This really depends on the height of the room you are growing in. Indica Cannabis plants do not stretch near as much as a sativa cannabis plant in the first two weeks of flowering. So it may not be necessary to top your plants. 

How tall should an Indica be before flowering?

This really is up to the grower and the upper space the plant has to grow. You never want your plants to grow up into the lights when flowering cannabis. So keeping the plants below this is of the utmost importance. It is best to start indicas flowering when the plant still has about 150% more room to grow height wise, this will give the plant enough space to keep growing in stretch the first two weeks of flowering with running into the lights and burning the tips of your plants where the buds will form.  

How long does Indica take to harvest?

Once the plant has been switching to 12 hours of light and darkness most indica strains will take about 7 to 8 weeks to fully finish flowering before the grower can harvest. Outdoors Indica plants tend to finish flowering about the first or second week of October in northern regions of the planet. Most indica cannabis will start to flower in mid August and growers will notice the plant starting to stretch talling and form more calyxes at this time. 

What is the best strain of indica?

Two of the best known strains of cannabis indica are Sensi Star and Northern Lights. These two strains of cannabis are excellent strains. Growers have been growing these two strains for many years now, and have had excellent results. They are also at this point in time very stable for the traits like potency, flowering time, and yields. This makes them both very good for new growers and smaller hobby gardens. 

Final Thoughts

We really enjoy growing indica cannabis seeds, they grow great for so many different climates. Their buds are very potent and help with main types of chronic pain issues because of their intense body highs that are delivered to the users. Most indica these days are not pure indica strains and are hybrids of both indica strains and sativas. When growers are shopping for indica cannabis seeds this is something that they should keep in mind. If you have any questions, then as always it is a good idea to check with the breeder of that cannabis strain you are interested in. 

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