Best Places to Find CBD Cannabis Seeds

Find CBD Cannabis Seeds

This article will help guide shoppers to where they can buy the best CBD cannabis seeds on the market. Finding quality CBD seeds is an issue these days, some shoppers are looking for pure CBD cannabis seeds, while others are looking for a mix of cannabinols of both THC and CBD in their finished cultivars (cannabis strains). It is difficult to obtain good CBD cannabis seeds on the market today. 

Seeds can vary from seed to seed in their genetic makeup making it hard to get stabilized CBD cannabis seed strains.  Even if the strain is tested for CBD content there is really no guarantee that the seeds produced from the strain will breed true for the same CBD content in the seeds stock. We have a great article here we recommend if you would like to learn more about cannabis seeds genetics. 

In this article we will be looking at some of our favorite CBD strains that we have grown over the years with our reviews on each of them and why we recommend them to our customers. 

What are CBD Cannabis Seeds

CBD cannabis seeds are the same makeup as all other types of cannabis seeds with one big difference. When the seeds are planted and grown to maturity, and eventually harvest the flowers (buds) of the plants will test higher for CBD which is a cannabinol that is present in the buds of the plants with smokes, made into oil or vaped. The marijuana flowers from these plants will not get a user high like they would with high THC cannabis plant seeds.  

Growers can now also purchase cannabis seeds that are also high in CBD and THC with a good mix of both. Some growers and users prefer these types of buds to use, and will buy seeds that represent their interests. 

Why Grow CBD Cannabis Seeds?

As more studies come out about the benefits of CBD, researchers are finding more and more healthy benefits to using high CBD cannabis flowers as part of their overall health and wellness. CBD cannabis has been found to help people suffering from many types of illnesses. Health Canada has recently stated that CBD offers little to no health risks for the average person.  

Pure CBD Seeds

Pure CBD cannabis seeds are just that, seeds that will grow cannabis plants that test positive for CBD and very little no THC in them that will get the user high. These seeds have been bred to have high levels of CBD in the buds. So when they are tested by the breeder he/she is working to have the seeds produce cannabis plants that have safe high levels of CBD cannabinoids and very low to no THC in the flowering buds. 

Types of CBD Seeds to Buy

Like with other cultivars of cannabis plants there are a few different types of cannabis seeds that will grow into CBD cannabis buds. Outlined below are the types of cannabis seeds that you can buy that will be CBD cannabis. 

What are CBD Regular Seeds?

Regular cannabis seeds will grow out to either male or female cannabis plants. This means that if you grow high CBD seeds you have to remove the male CBD cannabis plants before you start flowering. 

What are CBD Feminized Seeds?

These CBD seeds will not grow any male cannabis plants when they have started to flower. Growing CBD feminized seeds you will only have female cannabis plants and will not have to remove the male cannabis plants before flowering. If you are getting seeds on your feminized cannabis plants you can read this article for support.  

What are CBD Autoflowers Seeds?

All cannabis plants that are photoperiod will start to flower with 12 to 13 hours of darkness for every 24 hours of each day. CBD autoflowering cannabis seeds will not need 12 hours of darkness to start producing CBD cannabis flowers (buds). They will start to grow flowers after approximately one month of growth, even flowering under 24 hours of lighting. This is the reason for “auto” in their titles as they flower automatically. 

Are CBD Seeds Legal

CBD cannabis seeds are legal to grow pretty much anywhere you can grow high THC cannabis, they are also legal to grow in the USA as hemp with a permit. Any cannabis under .03% THC is legal to grow in the USA under the US Farming Act. In Canada and many other countries CBD seeds are legal. 

Pure CBD Seeds Canada

There are some great seed banks in Canada that sell pure CBD cannabis seeds. A quick internet search can help you find good seedbanks to grow this type of cannabis seed. We recommend this article if you are looking to buy cannabis seeds in Canada or CBD seeds. 

Pure CBD Seeds USA

If you are looking to buy CBD cannabis seeds in the USA since cannabis is becoming legal and with the new right to Farm Hemp in the USA you can now find many seedbanks that are selling CBD cannabis seeds to their customers. We recommend that you use Google to find reviews on buying cannabis seeds in the United States. If you are looking for a guide to help you safely buy cannabis seeds, we have a great recommended guide here.

Can you Grow just a CBD Plant?

Yes, however we recommend that you grow a feminized CBD plant if you plan to only grow one plant. This way you will not waste your time and energy growing a male plant that you will only have to dispose of when flowering is started. 

CBD Seeds for Growing

Growing CBD cannabis seeds is the same as growing any other type of seeds. There will be little difference in these seeds. You can germinate them and grow them not differently than growing any other type of cannabis. They should germinate just like any other cannabis seed will and this is an amazing guide for seed germination from the Green Avenger Seed Company.

How do you choose CBD Seeds

CBD cannabis seeds come in many different flavors and strains that will suit most growers’ needs. There are very many popular cannabis CBD strains like:

  • CBD Cheese Cake
  • ACDC
  • Charlotte’s Web
  • Cherry Wine
  • Sour Tsunami 
  • Lifter
  • Stephen Hawking Kush
  • Sweet and Sour Widow

These are just a few of the great CBD strains that growers can now find online for all their CBD strain growing needs. Green Avenger Seeds are also working on a great new CBD strain called CBD CheeseCake. This strain is now available!

CBD Content in Hemp Seeds

Some growers can also find CBD cannabis seeds in hemp seeds. CBD is far more common in hemp seeds that were bred to grow very low amounts of THC which have higher amounts of CBD in the plants flowers. Because cannabis has been illegal for many years in many parts of the world, we bred for very high THC ranges in the buds. This is now starting to change as more growers are realizing the benefits of cannabis that contains CBD cannabinoids in its trichomes. 

Final Thoughts

Growing your own healthy CBD cannabis strains is an awesome reason to start improving your overall health and wellness. Your first step in this process will be to find good CBD cannabis seeds from a reputable seedbank either in person or online. 

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