Cannabis Seeds Holiday Gift Buying Guide 2023

Cannabis Seeds Holiday Gifts

Well it’s that time of year again, looking for holiday gifts and sales for friends, family and loved ones. If you are shopping for that cannabis person why not look into purchasing some cannabis seeds for them this year! I mean after the holiday the cannabis growing season is just around the corner. What better way than to give them a gift that they can harvest and use for the following holiday season!

In our cannabis seeds holiday gift buying guide for 2023 we will give you a list of our favorite strains and where you can get them for the best value and prices. 

Why not give the gift of cannabis seeds this holiday season!

Cannabis Seeds Holiday Gifts for New Growers

If the person you are buying cannabis seeds is a new grower you will want to pick an easy to grow cannabis strain for them. A good hybrid cannabis seed pack would work best for them. You will also want to include instructions on how to germinate their cannabis seeds so they will get the best results from your cannabis seed holiday gift.

If the site you are purchasing from has a germination guide it would be a great idea to print this off and include it in your gift for them. This will help the person receiving the gift help and may save you answering many questions when they get started. 

Canadian Sunshine Cannabis Seeds – This is the perfect seed gift for your special someone for the holidays. This very easy to grow strain is great for learning how to grow. It will have a very smooth smoke for harvest, and the seeds are nice and fresh so your gift receiver will have no issues getting them started for a great harvest. You can read more about this great gift strain by using the link above. 

Canadian Sunshine Green Avenger Seeds

Cannabis Seeds Holiday Gifts for Sativa Strain Lovers

What better way to celebrate the holidays than to give an amazing sativa cannabis seed holiday gift! If they love powerful cannabis strains then a sativa strain will make for a happy Christmas morning for them! Sativa strains will take longer to flower but also will be more potent then a hybrid or an indica strain in most cases. 

H-Bomb Bud Cannabis Seeds – A power strain of seeds for a great christmas gift for the holidays. This is an amazing AK-47 cross with a powerful landrace Sativa strain for the holidays. This is a little harder to grow so if the person you are gifting is a new grower you may want to go with the strain for new growers. However if they are a seasoned cannabis cultivator these cannabis seeds will be much loved by the grower and a much loved gift for the holidays!

Cannabis Seeds Holiday Gifts for Indica Strain Lovers

Are you gifting a medical cannabis patient? If so then some indica cannabis seeds will make the perfect holiday gift for them! Why not give them a new indica strain with a nice powerful body high for them to grow for a Happy New Year. There are some great holiday indica cannabis strains for 2022 season. 

Purple Punch Cannabis Seeds – This awesome and proven cannabis seed strain will be loved by the gift receiver this season. A nice tropical smell cannabis plant that has nice dense indica flowers for harvesting. A nice bonus for this strain is that it is very easy for new growers to grow well and have great yields with. It will help the grower with any chronic pain issues, and many other medical issues which makes it a great medical seed strain gift. 

Cherry Bomb Cannabis Seeds – A super sweet seed gift for the holidays will put a smile on any indica growers face on that special morning. This unique cherry strain will have a cherry smell that will be loved by the grower. It will have a THC value once harvested of about 19% to 22% THC. It is another very easy strain to grow, and great for the beginner grower. If you are looking to give an amazing strain to that special someone then we highly recommend this strain. This strain was just released so all the seeds will be nice and fresh for a spring planting. 

Cherry Bomb Green Avenger Seeds

Holiday Cannabis Seeds Gift Pack

Not sure what type of seeds to get for your cannabis grower friend or family member? Why not buy them a gift pack of $15 cannabis seeds? How can you find a better gift than 15 quality cannabis seeds from one of the best cannabis breeders for only $45 dollars. Not only is this a great holiday season gift but it is also great for a gift giver on a budget. You get three packs of seeds, three different strains, and they are not mixed but labeled individually. 

If the person you are buying for can’t make up their mind on what cannabis seeds they would enjoy for a gift this holiday season what better than to give a pack of these seeds!

Cannabis Seeds Favor Pack – Wow! Get five seeds of Banana Dream, OrangeTheory, and Grape Punch for a great holiday budget price. If you are lucky they will share this awesome holiday gift with you the following year after harvest. Not only are you doing something nice for someone during the holidays you may even get something nice the following year for your kindness. So much favor and great seeds in this budget cannabis seeds pack for growers. 

Celebrate the Season with Cannabis Seed Gifts

We hope this guide has given you some ideas for great holiday cannabis seed gifts for 2022. We love getting new cannabis strains for the holiday, if you are looking for more cannabis seeds to add to all your cannabis gifts this year, you can find many more strains to buy here, don’t miss out and Happy Holidays! Don’t forget to print this germination guide out for them to get their new presents off to the best start possible! 

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