When to Give Up on a Cannabis Seeds Germination

Cannabis Seeds Germination

When it’s your first time with cannabis seeds germination it can be a tough go if you don’t know what you are doing and when it’s time to just give up on a cannabis seed you are trying to start.

Cannabis seeds are expensive, therefor you really want them to germinate when you are starting your very first marijuana grow. In this article we will discuss how to give your cannabis seeds the best start and when it’s time to give up on them.

When Should you give up on your Cannabis Seeds Germination?

Starting Cannabis Seeds, the Right Way

The first thing you will want to look at when starting regular cannabis seeds is getting the right medium to plant the seeds in. Many growers like to use the “Paper Towel” method of starting cannabis seeds. However, we thing the best way to get growing is with putting the cannabis seeds directly in the medium.

This is an easy way to start seeds for new growers.

What types of Growing Medium should you use for your first-time starting cannabis seeds?

Firstly, you will want to have sterile growing medium. Any seed starting grow mix that is not 100% sterile should never be used when starting cannabis seeds. Anything in the seed starting mix that could kill your seeds before they even germinate out of the medium. There are many fungi that will attack cannabis seeds and you will not want any of them in your medium to get started.

Here is our favorite see starters for Cannabis Seeds Germination

Rapid Rooters

Rapid rooters are plugs that are fortified with General Hydroponic micronutrients for abundant root growth. They are great for starting cannabis seeds because they have excellent air to water ratio within the plug, they are also 100% sterile in the package. No need to add anything to them just drop in the cannabis seed and you are good to go with Rapid Rooters.

Rockwool For Seed Germination

Rockwool was used as a thermal insulation; it wasn’t till trials in the 1960’s in Denmark did they start testing rockwool for hydroponic growing medium and it has been used to grow hydroponic plants ever since. Now a days you can buy it in rockwool cubes to start cannabis seeds with. It holds a ton of water while still having great oxygen exchange with the cannabis roots and seeds. It is completely sterile and it is great for starting seeds.

Seed Starting Mixes with Mycorrhizae

These mixes are excellent for starting cannabis seeds. They contain mycorrhizae fugus that will work with your roots to help your plants get more nutrients into the plant. These starting mixes have good air flow however you have to watch how much you water these more then the first two mediums. Seed Starter mixes are great for starting seeds.

Cannabis Seed Germination how long will it take

Cannabis seeds can take different amounts of time to germinate. There are a few factors that go into how long it will take for them to break the soil line.

The first factor is how deep you plant the seed. Depending on how deep you plant it, the seed will take longer to reach the top of the soil or growing medium.

Typical if buy fresh cannabis seeds, it will take about 2 to 3 days for them to germinate out of the growing medium.

How Long should you wait before giving up on your Cannabis Seed Germination

Depending on how old your seeds are it can take up to one week for the cannabis seeds to germinate. However, the longer it takes for the seeds to come out of the medium the less chance they have of germinating and being attacked by bad fungus in the soil. After a week most likely they will not end up growing. After one week of waiting, it will be time to give up on your cannabis seeds germination.

How to store you seeds for better Cannabis Seed Germination

If you are going to keep your cannabis seeds for any longer then a few months before planting there are ways you can store them. With the right cannabis seed storage, you can have far better germination rates months in the future when you would like to grow them.

We recommend keeping the seeds in an air tight container. In the container we like to add a little rice after his has been microwaved to remove any access moisture. We use this to keep the seeds dry and this is very important. You can then store the seeds long term in a cool place, a refrigerator works very well. Other good places to store them are in a cool basement, or some people store them in the freezer for very long-term storage. This is normally not necessary unless you plan to keep the seeds for years before using them.

Where can you get Cannabis Fresh Seeds

If you are currently shopping for or looking to buy cannabis seeds, we recommend you check out Green Avenger Seed Company. We have had great luck buying seeds from this company.

Check them out for the best Cannabis Seed Germination!

Read more about the best cannabis seed strain in Canada!

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