Best Cannabis Seeds for Beginners in 2024

Cannabis Seeds for Beginners

Are you looking for cannabis seeds and you are a beginner grower in 2024? If so this article can help you find the right seeds to get you started cultivating the perfect cannabis garden this year!

 image showcasing a variety of cannabis seeds. Each seed is distinct in appearance, with variations in color from dark brown to light tan, and some featuring tiger stripes. Their glossy, waxy look and oval shape are clearly visible, highlighting the diversity and quality of cannabis seeds.

There are so many choices out there, how do you know what is a good reliable seed bank for cannabis seeds? How do you know what seeds to buy for your first grow, will they be the right strain? Are the plants going to be easy to grow once you actually get them started? These are all great questions when you are starting out on your first cannabis growing adventure.

How to pick the right cannabis seeds when you’re a beginner grower? 

image, depicting a beginner grower next to young cannabis plants. The grower, shown as an enthusiastic and friendly character, is observing the sprouting plants with a mixture of curiosity and pride. They are holding a small watering can, symbolizing the care and attention needed in these early stages of growth.

Picking seeds can be tough the first time looking for seeds, if you can believe it, it was much harder years ago for growers to get good seeds to grow. Lucky for new growers finding cannabis seeds is far easier today than days passed. You can find cannabis seeds just about anywhere today. Does this mean you should just take and grow any seeds you can find out there? Well the short answer is no. 

New growers will want to find cannabis seeds that will grow well for them depending on their own growing environment, where they live, and their experience as a new cannabis grower. All these things will factor into which seeds you will buy.

Cannabis Seeds for Beginners from Green Avenger Seeds Company, Canadian Sunshine Seeds

If you’re a beginner grower looking to cultivate your own cannabis plants, choosing the right seeds can make all the difference in the success of your grow operation. With so many strains and seed banks to choose from, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Here are some tips for picking the right cannabis seeds when you’re a beginner grower:

  1. Consider the growing conditions: Before you choose your seeds, you should consider the growing conditions in which you plan to cultivate your plants. Will you be growing indoors or outdoors? What kind of climate do you live in? Different strains of cannabis have different needs in terms of light, temperature, humidity, and soil, so it’s important to choose seeds that are suitable for your growing conditions.
  2. Determine your desired effects: Another important factor to consider is the desired effects of your cannabis plants. Do you want a strain that will produce a mellow, relaxing high, or one that will provide an energizing, uplifting experience? Different strains have different levels of THC and CBD, the two main active compounds in cannabis, which affect the type and intensity of the high.
  3. Choose a reputable seed bank: There are many seed banks out there, but not all are created equal. It’s important to choose a reputable seed bank that offers high-quality seeds with a good germination rate. Look for reviews and recommendations from other growers to help you make an informed decision.
  4. Start with feminized seeds: When you’re a beginner grower, it’s generally best to start with feminized seeds, which produce female plants that will flower and produce buds. Male plants do not produce buds and can actually lower the overall quality and yield of your grow operation.
  5. Consider the difficulty level: Some strains of cannabis seeds are easier to grow than others, so it’s important to choose a strain that is appropriate for your skill level as a grower. Look for strains that are known for being easy to grow, with a short flowering time and resistance to pests and diseases.

By following these tips, you can choose the right cannabis seeds for your needs and increase your chances of success as a beginner grower. Remember to take your time, do your research, and choose high-quality seeds from a reputable seed bank. With a little patience and dedication, you can cultivate your own high-quality cannabis plants at home.

What are the Best Cannabis Seeds for Beginners?

Great cannabis seeds for beginners should be fresh seeds that will germinate quickly, and start growing strong right away out of the ground. This will go a long way to helping a new cannabis grower get started on the right foot. Your seeds should also come from somewhere that is known for producing good seeds, that produce quality cannabis plants and have reasonable prices. Who wants to spend a ton of money on seeds when you don’t know what you are doing the first time? 

We suggest this strain called Canadian Sunshine for your first cannabis seeds as they are easy to grow, have great germination rates, and will grow into beautiful cannabis flowers.

How to tell if you are Getting the Best Cannabis Seeds for Beginners?

 infographic that summarizes essential tips for beginner growers on selecting the right cannabis seeds. It's designed in a friendly, cartoon-style and includes sections on:

Considering Growing Conditions: Differentiating between indoor and outdoor setups, and the climate considerations.
Determining Desired Effects: Whether a mellow or energizing effect is preferred.
Choosing a Reputable Seed Bank: Highlighted with a symbol of quality assurance.
Starting with Feminized Seeds: Illustrated with symbols of female plants.
Considering the Difficulty Level: Marked with an easy-to-grow symbol.

First and foremost you will want to do your homework before buying any cannabis seeds. This means looking up different cannabis seedbanks, checking their reviews, asking good questions of your fellow veteran cannabis cultivators about where the best places to get seeds are locally or through mail orders. 

Most cannabis growers will have their favorite place to get seeds, does this mean they are the best cannabis seeds for beginners, well maybe so keep reading. Get more than one recommendation, by asking around. Some seed banks are not known for seeding quality seeds, just great marketing. However great marketing will not get you the best cannabis seeds for beginners like yourself. Be wary of any seed banks that pop up first in a Google search, just because they are there doesn’t mean they sell quality cannabis seeds. Some if not all of them could be paying for backlinks to get them ranked high not because they are good seedbanks. 

Sometimes just looking a bit harder you will find better priced cannabis seeds, for the same great quality as some of the other higher priced places. 

For great quality and value cannabis seeds as a beginner grower we recommend Green Avenger Seeds.

What do Quality Cannabis Seeds for Beginners look like?

All cannabis seeds look a little different overall so how can a beginner grower tell if their seeds are any good? Well there are a few things that you can do to check the quality of your seeds. 

Once you get your new fresh seeds, look them over. What do cannabis seeds look like? This is a great way to check them right away. They should look dark in color, have a nice waxy look to them like a candle, some may have tiger stripes on them. They should look nice and big and oval shaped, with no holds or cracks in them. If you receive them and the seeds don’t look like that, return them and ask for your money back right away. 

Most seedbanks will have a return policy, if you are not happy with your cannabis seeds when you get them. Don’t waste any time if the seeds are damaged, cracked, broken, small and white, green, returning them.

What Strains are the best cannabis seeds for beginners?

We would recommend an easy strain to grow for beginners like Pineapple Cookies, this strain is easy to grow, has great yields and smells amazing in flower. Hybrid seeds are always best for a new grower as landrace strains (if you can even get them) are always harder to grow for a beginner for the first time growing. Find a strain that will breed true, this means that it will have consistent results in each plant when growing from seeds. 

This way the majority of your plants should look and grow all the same, this is important so your plants will be the same height, same yield, same pest resistance. These things will make it easier for the first time grower to keep track of.

Mixing Cannabis Seed Strains for your first time Growing

We don’t recommend starting different strains when you grow for the first time. It is much easier to keep track of one strain to grow then 3 or 4 different ones. They could all have different growing requirements that could confuse new growers, and make it much harder to diagnose issues that are happening to each strain of cannabis.

As beginner growers it is far better to get a couple of successful grows under your belt before you start to mix and match strains in your grow room. Once you have a few successful grows then give mixing and matching strains in your grow a try!

Places to get your Cannabis Seeds

We recommend that first time growers get their cannabis seeds from a noted breeder or seedbank, this way you will know what you are going to receive. If you take this route when growing the seeds you will have good support for starting the seeds. Since good breeders also test their seeds they will be able to give you more help during the growing process as well. This can really help new growers as they will know what to expect from the plant. 

Remember breeders will only be able to give new growers generally tips for growing and most likely will not be able to hold your hand on the grower journey. They will expect you to do your research and know the basics of growing cannabis plants yourself.

How to Start your Cannabis Seeds for the first time?

 image provides a step-by-step illustration of the "Paper Towel Method" for germinating cannabis seeds. It visually guides through each phase:

Placing the seeds on a moist paper towel.
Folding the paper towel over the seeds.
Putting the folded towel with seeds inside a sandwich bag.
The emergence of sprouts from the seeds.

Now that you have your cannabis seeds you will need to get them started right away! When you get your seeds you hope they are fresh, however you can never be sure of that. So get them growing as soon as you can do so. 

Most growers will use the “Paper Towel Method” to start their seeds. This is a great way to start cannabis seeds for your first time growing them. 

Simply take your seeds, and wet a paper towel with a bit of warm water. Fold the paper towel over into four quarters until you have one quarter. Take the seeds and place them all in the folded paper towel, then place the paper towel in a sandwich bag for safe keeping. Up the bag in a safe place for 24 hours then check the seeds. They should be starting to sprout at this point, if not place them back in the bag and wait another 24 hours. 

Now the seeds should all have little sprouts growing from them. Take the sprouted seeds and place them root down into your growing medium. In about another 24 hours you should see the seeds pushing out of the growing medium.

When should you start Seeds in the Spring for Outdoors?

Although it is not necessary, it is best to start your best cannabis seeds about one month before you are ready to transplant them outside. This will give the plant a good head start, for the outdoor growing season. Once the plant is one month old it will also help, in case you get late cold weather, and help protect it from pests outside.


Finding the best cannabis seeds for beginners doesn’t have to be difficult, it just takes some time and research to make sure you get the right strains, seeds, and growing tips to make your first time growing as successful as possible.

Now that you have some growing seeds check out the best grow lighting for your seeds!

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