Best Regular Cannabis Seeds Canada

Best Regular Cannabis Seeds Canada

Best Cannabis Seeds in Canada for 2022

If you’re here that means you are looking to buy cannabis seeds and not sure were to find cannabis seeds in Canada. Finding cannabis seeds can be a hard task sometimes but with this article we hope to make it easier for your to do for the first time or the one hundreds time.

There are many choices when it comes to buying regular cannabis seeds in Canada. They are at different seedbanks, cost different prices, and are of different quality depending on the breeder that you buy your cannabis seeds from.

Thanks to legalization in Canada on October 18th, 2018 many new Canadians can now legally grow their own Cannabis in all but one province. Starting to grow your own cannabis seeds in Canada mean that you will need to find the seeds first.

The market for Cannabis Seeds is growing quickly in Canada so many new marijuana growers looking to get into cultivating their own cannabis flowers. Below we have picked some of our favorite strains you can order right here in Canada for your cannabis garden in 2022 right into 2023.

Why we Picked these Strains

We picked these strains for there ease of growing, heartiness for growing, and ones that we have grown before and know they are quality cannabis strains. As a cannabis grower you will want to start with a good strain to grow for your first time. You don’t want to fail and lose all the fun of cultivating your very own cannabis buds for the first time.

The Breeder of these Marijuana Strains

The breeder of these strains has been working on breeding cannabis seeds in Canada for almost 30 years. With this much experience we know that these marijuana strains are as described and will have excellent yields. This Seedbank has been in business since 2020 with many customers very happy with their cannabis gardens after buying cannabis seeds.

You will also get many freebie seeds (these are seeds that come with your order for free) so if you have issues germinating the seeds you will have lots of seeds to get the germination process correct.

Why it’s a great idea to order these Cannabis Seeds in Canada

Your seeds will come with an 80% germination rate guarantee, this is awesome as you know they are testing their seeds to make sure they are top quality. They care about your privacy as a grower as they know what happens when nosey neighbors come looking around and see a nice seed packet in your mail. They ship so even the postman will not know what you are getting in the mail.

Here is our list of the Best Cannabis Seeds in Canada

Canadian Sunshine: This strain is great for growing in Canada. It will grow big and strong with many budding sites on the plant. You can get a great harvest growing this strain indoors and out. This strain is a hybrid of a very famous Sensi Star strain.

The buds are very dense, but it has great mold resistance outdoors even in middle October.

Canadian Sunshine

Use this link to buy Canadian Sunshine Cannabis Seeds.

Pineapple Cookies: This is by far the sweetest strain of Cannabis Seeds in Canada on our list. One can smell the sweet pineapple scent as soon as you enter the flowering grow room. It is crossed with a beautiful Pineapple Cookies cut that makes the buds super dense.

This strain is supper easy to grow indoors and out. It flowers very fast, and will normally finish all flowering by the eight weeks after changing the lighting to 12/12.

Pineapple Cookies

Use this link to buy Pineapple Cookies Cannabis Seeds.

Stone Cold Diesel: What an awesome gassy, stinky fuel smelling strain of cannabis this one is. We love it because of its huge bushy colas, and incredible smell it gives off.  If you are a customer that is looking for a powerful, gassy cannabis strain in seeds, this is it!

It is recommended to grow this strain indoors. It will typically finish flowering in 8 to 9 weeks. This strain is a direct descendent of Chemdawg and comes from the late 1990’s, line of this strain. This is a very powerful strain once dried and cured. Remember to take it easy if you are a first timer!

Stone Cold Diesel

Use this link to buy Stone Cold Diesel Cannabis Seeds.

Purple Punch: This strain comes in smelling like a tropical fruit punch bowl at a summers party! What a strain, we love this strain the best out of all cannabis strains on our list. We have seen many growers on Instagram grow this strain out with great results.

This strain is a cross between Larry OG and Grandaddy Purple Cannabis Strains so you know it have really awesome genetics. The high is very nice and body for an Indica Strain.

Purple Punch

Use this link to buy Purple Punch Cannabis Seeds.

We hope you find this list helpful and we give these recommendations based on experiences with these for strains. These are our picks for best cannabis seeds Canada for this year! Thanks for reading!

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