Finding Budget Cannabis Seeds for your Price Range

Budget Cannabis Seeds

If you have been shopping for cannabis seeds you are most likely well aware that buying cannabis seeds can get pretty expensive really fast. After shelling out all that money for grow tents, cannabis grow lighting, and ventilation and setting up the perfect growing environment for your cannabis plant. Now you are ready to get some cannabis seeds for the first time to grow. Exciting times for sure!

Very Expensive Cannabis Seeds vs Budget Cannabis Seeds

So, the first thing you are going to notices in your hunt for the best cannabis seeds is that there are 1000’s of seedbanks, and hundreds of thousands of seed strains out there for you to buy. How are you going to make sense of all these seedbanks and strains, and more importantly prices?

One seedbank may be selling Purple Punch cannabis seeds for $60 US for 3 seeds and you go to another seedbank and that seedbank is selling the same strain for $50 US for 10 seeds. You’re probably asking yourself, which ones should I buy? Well, our friends that is the correct answer, we will go into details about budget cannabis seeds.

Budget Cannabis Seeds

Are Expensive Cannabis Seeds any Better?

The truthful answer to this question is “well it depends”. Some cannabis breeders out there put a tremendous amount of work into creating the most amazing marijuana strains they can. This takes years of work and time to get their genetics for that strain just right. It will also take patience’s, and understanding of breeding to get great products into the cannabis seeds market.

This is the reason why good cannabis breeders charge more for their cannabis seed strains, when they release them into the market.

Are Cheap Budget Cannabis Seeds Worse?

Well, we are sorry to say but again “well it depends”. This day in age with so many places selling cannabis seeds that don’t even know where they came from, how they were grown, and how much the “breeders” tested them to make sure they are quality strains. What does this mean, well it means you may end up paying a lot more money than you need to.

The good news about this is however, you may also end up paying less for quality seeds if you buy the seeds from the correct breeders!

How to tell if your buying quality cannabis seeds

Well, there is no way to tell for sure that the budget cannabis seeds you are purchasing are quality or not there are some things that you as a customer can do to up your chances of getting quality seeds for your garden.

Read the Seed Companies about Pages, and Cannabis Blog

Does the seedbank have an about page about its breeder, breeding practices and how they grow your seeds? If you visit a site and there is nothing about the breeder, background, other seeds websites they may have worked with over the years or any other information. This should set off a few red flags right aways when shopping with them.

Even cannabis seeds sales sites that sell from multiple seed suppliers, you should be able to find information on the people that are supplying the seeds to the website. If you can’t find any information about the seed breeder and about the seeds they are supplying to their customers, it may mean that the seed quality is poor from that company.

Find the Seedbanks Cannabis Blog and Read it

Can the people running the seedbank even grow cannabis? A great way to find out is to find and read their cannabis blog. Does it have good information on it, does the content look like it was written by someone at Fivrr? If that is the case, it may be a cannabis seed rip-off site or the person making the seeds knows nothing about cannabis and is just trying to get rich quick at your expense.

Find pictures from other Growers for this Seedbank

Can you find this seedbank one social media, if you can, are you able to find growers of the breeder’s seeds? This is very important to check before buying any budget cannabis seeds from the seedbank. If there is nothing out there, this doesn’t mean they are a bad seed company or even selling poor quality seeds. It may just mean that they are just starting out, or that they are looking for new growers.

Do they have testers Growing their Cannabis Seeds?

Many seedbanks out in the world today will have people that will do independent testing of their new strains, this is before releasing them to markets and customers over the world. Contact the seedbank and/or the breeder and see if they are able to provide you with some independent seed reviews and images so you can see their work. You will want to have them provide you with two or three of their best ones for your reference.

Does the Budget Cannabis Seeds Store have a website to buy from?

It is never a good idea to just send your money to anyone on the internet. This means social networking website, emails, or reddit. Before ordering any cannabis seeds no matter how much they cost from someone check to make sure they have a website, if they do, they will have to comply with certain regulations when it comes to payments on that site. When buying seeds anywhere else the person could and most likely will be a scammer, and they have no obligation to send anything or refund your money. They will also not have any refund policy in place, to send you new seeds.

Any seedbank website will also have a privacy policy as well as a terms of service for when a customer buys their seeds from them.

How long has the Budget Cannabis Seeds website been active?

Most good breeders and cannabis seed websites will have how long they have been in business for. They will also be honest about it. If you look on their website and it says they have been in business since 1990 and you can’t find anything on Google passed last week about the seedbank, they are most likely a scammer. Also never give out your personal or payment details on Social Media Websites.

Remember to stay Safe and Check out where you will buy seeds

Always remember to check around about any seedbank you are thinking about buying from most of the time if the seedbank is not legit, it will have very popular strains listed on the site. This makes it easier for scammers to get people to fall for the scam.

Seedbank that we recommend for buying Budget Cannabis Seeds

Green Avenger Seeds Logo
Green Avenger Seeds Logo

We recommend that you buy seeds from our recommend seed company. Green Avenger Seeds has been in the cannabis seed business now for three years and have a great track record of customer service and quality cannabis seeds.

If you are looking to buy quality budget cannabis seeds, visit them now.

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