Afghan Kush Cannabis Seeds Growing Tips

Afghan Kush Cannabis Seeds

Afghan Kush cannabis seeds are some of the more natural non-hybridized cannabis that can be grown these days. In this article we will give you some of our best tips for growing these cannabis seeds in your garden. 

Is Afghan Kush easy to grow?

Originally this strain was growing in the Afghan mountains so it had to adapt to harsher climate conditions then most strains on the market today. This makes it a great strain to grow for beginner cannabis growers. It can grow with less care than many other strains, and does need as much love and care as some other harder to grow strains. 

What is Afghan Kush Cannabis?

Afghan Kush has a long and storied history in the field of cannabis with some growers still considering it as a Landrace strain. If you would like to read more on Landrace cannabis we recommend this article on the subject. This cultivar (strain) of cannabis comes from the Hindu Kush mountain ranges. This is an 800 kilometer long mountain range in Central and western Afghanistan and runs into northwestern Pakistan. 

This part of the world is known for its amazing cannabis and was used to grow cannabis that was made into some of the best hashish in the world. Afghan Kush is often referred to as “Hindu Kush” as well. 

Afghan Kush Cannabis
Afghan Kush

Are Afghan Kush Cannabis Seeds Indica or Sativa?

Afghan Kush cannabis seeds are still very much a pure Indica cannabis strain for growers. This means that they will grow very short and bushy plants. They will have large fan leaves that are very wide. Afghan Kush strain grows to about 4 to 5 feet and is left untrimmed. 

Benefits of Growing Afghan Kush Cannabis Seeds

This strain has many benefits. First as mentioned above it is a very easy strain to grow overall. Also this strain can have very high THC values when tested, it can get upwards of 21% THC all the way to 26%. So as you can see it is a very potent cannabis strain to grow. 

It also comes with some great medical benefits for users. Because it is an indica strain it has very sedating properties. It will have a very body high which means that it will help users fall asleep after smoking/vaping or eating and is very good for insomnia patients. It also is great form the munchies and can help cancer patients that are having a hard time eating correctly. 

If the grower can acquire seeds that grow into plants with high CBD levels this can even be better medically for users. Our readers can read more here about CBD cannabis. 

Growing Afghan Kush Cannabis Seeds Outdoors

Since this strain comes from high in mountain regions it can be grown outdoors very easily in less hospitable regions. It can be grown in a more northerly climate with really good success outdoors. 

When growing Afghan Kush Cannabis Seeds Outdoors you will want to aim to plant after the last frost in your area to avoid damage to your seedlings once they break the soil. If you do get a frost in your area, cover them well so they don’t get killed by the frost. Most of the time this will happen overnight. 

We recommend starting your seeds indoors first, then planting seeds outdoors once the season starts. This will give your plants a nice jump in the early season before the heat of the summer hits. 

Growing Afghan Kush Cannabis Seeds Indoors

This cultivar also grows very well indoors. It will grow much shorter indoors then sativa strains so you don’t have to worry as much about the height of the indoor plant. 

We love how easy this strain is to grow indoors, growers should have no issues even if you are a beginner grower. This strain doesn’t require much attention when growing. It only needs a minimal amount of nutrients to keep it growing healthy. 

We don’t recommend much timing for this strain, and more LST if you are growing the strain indoors. 

How long Does it take for Afghan Kush to Flower

Flowering is very short with this strain. Growing in colder weather has adapted this strain to flower in 7 to 8 weeks either indoors or outdoors. You will find that this strain grows very quickly indoors, taking a little more time to mature outdoors. 

How much does Afghan Kush Yield

Afghan Kush Seeds will grow into low yielding plants then more hybrid strains on today’s market. This is because the strain is closer to a landrace strain however the buds will be very resinous and can be used to make some great ice hash. This strain will give growers a medium yield with light undertones of fruit and mango taste. 

Afghan Kush Auto Flowers

Growers can find this strain in Autoflower form from a few different seedbanks on the internet. This type of plant will grow much the same as above however it will flower automatically after one month of growth instead of needing to have the lights turned back to 12 hours of darkness each day. 

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